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Chalk Art Designs. Pause for the cause! #chalkthetown #chalktheworld #chalktok

I absolutely adore Kara Vaughn and her passion for chalk art. What started off innocently chalking her driveway quickly turned into something deemed grafitti by her landlord.

Kara has a passion for art and spreading love, positivity and kindness. She has certainly made awareness of this and her city and many folks on tiktok took notice! Kudos!~

I created these chalk art bags for her chalk of the town event in 2023. Everyone will need to tote their chalk around and may need a lot of it to fill the town with color and art.

I plan on making a donation with part of the proceeds ($5.00) from each sale from my bags to her gofundme which is public.

If you do not want a bag, no worries. I would still love if you could made a small donation to her cause. Thank you.

If you like the designs of any of my chalk art bags and do not want the hashtag #chalkthetown printed, please feel free to message me and I will have the bag made without it.