Welcome to Mid Century Modern Gal

 Welcome to Mid Century Modern Gal, atomic home décor, retro and more shop.

Heyo, it’s Debbie here, the head honcho of Mid Century Modern Gal, kicking off since 2020 with my main man husband Mike (who’s also my permanent cheer squad) by my side. My journey on this planet spans a groovy 58 years, during which I've juggled more hats than a hat shop. I did a 15-year stint in the medical oncology realm before the kiddos came along, which pretty much taught me to live large and in charge. Now, with the nest emptied, we’re doing the victory dance!

Back in the day, while wrangling our two lads, I morphed into a domestic goddess and kicked off a home and garden blog in 2009. Who knew that little online nook would be the gateway to a whole new world of awesomeness?

Fast forward to 2017, I swerved into a new lane and hit the gas into the culinary fast lane with the Instant Pot. I whipped up a cooking site and even peddled a product line on Amazon. But here’s the twist – cooking didn’t light my fire, so I passed the torch in 2020, steering my ship to the shores of destiny, feeling like I’ve hit the jackpot of job satisfaction!

Since I was a wee one, messing with the décor has been my jam. I’m talking about the kind of kid who would sneakily redo the Christmas tree décor after Mom put her heart and soul into it. I’ve been online, crafting, writing, and beautifying spaces, sprinkling a bit of Debbie magic here and there. Amidst that, I snagged some local interior design gigs.

My world is a kaleidoscope of colors! I’m all about splashing graphics, sprinkling whimsy, throwing in a pun or a cheeky word, and bathing everything in vibrant hues. My heart beats for the Mid Century Modern (MCM) vibe. So yeah, you might say I’m an old soul – but hey, at least I own it with a giggle, right? HA!~

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Enjoy browsing. If you have any questions, or special requests, please do not hesitate to contact me @ midcenturymoderngal21@gmail.com

Any questions or concerns feel free to give us a call at (843) 779-5835‬

 I use a USA printer to print most my designs and fulfill my orders. Nothing here is mass produced. A few goods I carry I do use a trusted source overseas that may take a bit longer to receive, but you will be quite happy when you do.

All sales are final, unless there is a damage or defect in our printing process. Please reach out within 3 days of receiving. Otherwise and we do not accept returns on buyers remorse. No remorse-- you will want to come back for more. :)

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Debbie xo